Suha Khalil Personal History

 Suha Khalil born on the 4th of July 1983 was diagnosed as a down syndrome on birth. She was a breech baby. Her birth was normal but somewhat difficult. She did not cry and was given oxygen immediately after birth.

Her development was slow with chronic chest infection but no other problems were noted like cardiac or intestinal. Her eye sight and hearing were normal. She was very lethargic but slowly started improving. She started crawling at a very early stage (about 3 months) sitting at the age of (6 months), creeping at 9 (months) and walking at 21/2 to 3 years. She started saying words at 4 years and completed sentences at 5 years. Her speech is not yet very clear especially to strangers.


Her parents tried several normal schools without any admittance except one for a very short while. Then they tried schools for special needs with no much success. Finally they tried home schooling but little success was gained.

Painting and music were the only fields where she rejoices and likes to spend her time.


Suha with Tarig and Meme

Suha with her family

Suha in her first exhibition

Suha in her second exhibition

Suha is very social; she likes to visit people and friends. She likes little kids and is very gentle and loves them. She is very friendly and does not like any sort of violence and disorder.
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